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Remove "IDM has been registered with fake serial number" PopUp

Almost everyone is aware about ‘Internet Download Manager’ (IDM). You might have been using this application since it helps you to download files from web at high speed. I would say, this is from one of the best tool to be used to download files from internet. But you may have been facing the pop up that ‘IDM has been registered with the Fake serial number ’.
This pop up is really very irritating since it appears every time when you are about to download some file or when you start your system.  This error leads you to search for cracked file from torrent and other alternative.

Let’s start with the methods to resolve problem of IDM which shows ‘IDM has been registered with the fake serial number ’.

Tweaking with IDM files.

#1. Open window explorer and navigate to ‘Internet Download Manager’ folder in program files.
      Open ‘Internet Download Manager’ folder to see the list of files as shown below:
#2. In open window, search and delete ‘IDMGrHlp.exe’ file. And copy ‘idmBroker.exe’ from same folder and paste it in same folder.
#3. Once you done with Step #2. Now rename the copied file of ‘idmBroker.exe’ to ‘IDMGrHlp.exe’ as shown below:
#4. Now last step is to restart your system to apply this effect and enjoy the downloading without any interruption.


Edit registry:

change CheckUpdtVM value to 0.


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