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Create Addons for Nlite Manually

Use Cabpack or MakeCab.exe from windows XP to make CAB archive. 
1.  Download CabPack from here :
This is an oldschool program but worked well.  No installer, it just runs from a directory.

2.  Download the latest flash and shockwave.

3.  I took your advice and put everything in it's own directory tree.
So I created a folder called "FLASH" and inside of that folder, I made one called "svcpack".  I put the flash file that I downloaded into that folder.  

4.  I created a file called "ENTRIES_Flash.ini".  This is a typical INI file and I kind of just guessed at what nLite was wanting.  I took a look at some of the other INI files for 7zip and such and pretty much just trial and error.

Here is the one I used for flash


description=Adobe Flash Player


install_flash_player.exe /S


The [EditFile] section I left alone but the rest of it I edited.
Everything under the [general] section was grabbed from where I downloaded the file.  The [AddProgram] section must have the exact name of the file that you put into the "svcpack" folder.  The "/S" was left since all of the INI files I looked at had that.  I am guessing it is a switch for a silent install.  However, this apparently didn't work with Avira.

So, now I have a folder called "FLASH" and inside of that I have the ENTRIES_flash.ini file and a folder called "svcpack" which is where "install_flash_player.exe" is.

5.  Run cabpack and leave all the defaults but be sure to check the "Recurse subdirectories".  Choose the folder that you created called "FLASH".  

6.  Set the name of the file where it says "Cabinet file template".  I kept the naming convention that nLite Addons was using which was "ProgramAddons Flash.cab"

7.  Click OK to create the CAB file.

After you do this, just include the new cab file in your Addons section for nLite.

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