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How to upload image to blogger

Can we get free image hosting?
I western union sri lanka talawakele have been looking for image hosting sites and found quite a few such as 
but was not too sure how reliable these image hosting sites were. When you upload images to this sites you should read their terms and conditions, where some of the sites claim your image as their images once you have hosted to their sites. This may sound simple, but at times it could be expensive.

If you are using blogger to host your blog, then you could upload images directly to blogger and share it anywhere you like. The only difference is that there are no folders where you could upload the images directly and use the link as in other traditional image hosting sites. Unlike blogger, other blog hosting sites such as wordpress have options of folders where you could upload your images and share them like the traditional image hosting sites.
So then how do we upload images and share them in blogger?
There could be many ways, but I will show you one of the ways in this article. Please follow the step by step guide to get your image uploaded to the blogger and share them. The tutorial assumes that you have already created your blog in blogger and are aware of the functionalities of the blogger and its options.
1) Login to your blogger and go to “Layout
xrangeglobal add picture widgets+copy How to upload image to blogger
2) In the Layout go to the end layout page and click on one of the “Add Widget” link to add a widget to your blog. Make sure that you use the one at the end of the page. This is because it will be not visible to every reader since its at the end of the page. (This is a temporary one)
3) This will open up a list of available widgets that are supported in blogger. Scroll to the middle of the list and select the “Picture” widget from it.
4) Once you have selected the Picture widget, it  will open up another window “Configure Image”, where you select which image to upload from your computer. You can ignore the Title and the Caption fields as this is a temporary one.
xrangeglobal configure image How to upload image to blogger
5) The image will be uploaded to the blogger, but you will not be able to see the link, unless you go to your browser and right click on the image and capture the “copy image URL” link, (used in Google Chrome, but will be different for different browser)
xrangeglobal configure image step2 How to upload image to blogger          xrangeglobal copy image url google chrome How to upload image to blogger
6) Open a new brower and paste the copied image URL into the browser to see if it shows the uploaded image. If you shows the uploaded image, then the copied URL is the link to that image and you can use it anywhere with your blog or any other sites you would like to show the image. 
xrangeglobal the image link 80x15 How to upload image to blogger
7) Your uploadded blogger image will be something like 
This is the end of this tutorial, where you have learnt how to upload an image to blogger (please do not upload copyright materials) and create a link which could be shared later.
 source: http://www.xrangeglobal.com/2009/01/how-to-upload-image-to-blogger/

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